Something You Might Like #9

I fixed my sewing machine (fixed isn't the right word, but another post will cover it), snipped apart my washed together fabrics, and handed over my first commissioned scarf. What else is going on?

The girls have eaten most of our backyard, but I do not give up hope to have plants and birds other than chickens around our house and garden. Perhaps this planter is the way! Birds on top, something flowery and enticing below?

My new favorite toy store for kids. Nova Natural has some beautiful toys like these "four elements" stackers, a groovy alternative to blocks. But Nova Natural also sells wearables and usables like this cherry wood bowl and spoon for feeding baby. Lentil would probably like this a lot better than the odd bowls I use now. Really, I'm sure she wouldn't care but I'd like it. 😉

Packing tape. Sigh. Brown. Brown. Brown. Or bunnies! Bunny trains!

Will you miss MakerFaire this week? Make something of your own, like these lovely notebooks, to ease the pain.

Women are underrepresented in the arts. Really?  You bet. How do these women balance their artist-selves and their mother-selves? Who Does She Think She Is? Coming to a living room or indie theater near you.

Something You Might Like #9

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