Don’t Cry

IMG_7680Cindy Lou Who came by for a visit while her mama had a birthday outing. (We three later crashed this outing, but that was okay because first outings are a little weird for mamas.)

As Cindy Lou Who and Lentil are sitting on the grass having their first grassy experience, Cindy Lou decided that grass is scratchy and no-fun. Tears! Lentil looks like she wants to offer comfort: "There, there, Cindy Lou, it'll be okay." I like her surprised look and her healthy belly baby. 
Cindy Lou Who's Mama took off for her lady of leisure afternoon while the girls and I played in the living room. Most of the playing was dandy, but I can't help feeling like these two are baby versions of my grandmother and aunts, great afternoon poker and mahjong players.


Cindy Lou Who: It's your move
Lentil: Want to smoke? 
Cindy Lou Who: I'd like a gimlet.
Lentil: Ante up, sister. I'm going to eat you alive.
Cindy Lou Who: Watch me.

(Note: I do not anticipate either girl wanting to smoke or have gimlets any time soon but I wouldn't be surprised if they took up mahjong.)

Don’t Cry

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