Something You Might Like #10

I'm not sure I actually covet this headless giraffe, but it made me laugh. I appreciated the fine detail of bone inside flesh (click the top view photo, the one in which the giraffe's legs are bound).

The zakka lifestyle (lifestyle?). Beginning with this sweet little pincushion (thank you for the tutorial).

Sold out, but how could you resist this little chick, or this lovey mouse?

I think I want sugar city journal's first quarterly, but maybe I just want it to want it. Is that a bad thing?

We like elephants around our house. Why not like this one, too.

You haven't read any of Girl Genius, the comic book? You should.

Lentil's current favorite book? Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. You supply much of the action and dialogue. There's a lot in the drawings to look at and talk about.

Gah! A bunch of my post vanished. Ooh, I should hit save more often.

I didn't need the Beaba Babycook, but I sure like it. I don't know that there was much discussion about whether we'd make our own food or not, but Mister and I were pretty sure we would only need a pot and steamer insert and a cuisinart to make baby food. Which is true. But, then Mrs. Footle got a Babycook and talked it up. I watched the video. Bam. Then I made my own food for Lentil and didn't think I needed the Babycook as much as the video-crack led me to believe I did, but I also didn't know what to say I wanted for my birthday. BroccoliSo I have a Babycook and yes, I love it. LOVE it. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and it doesn't leak all over like the Cuisinart can when you add liquids. If you're making huge batches, it might be less convenient, but I did three batches (enough for 2+ ice cube trays) of Japanese sweet potatoes and broccoli last night. Yay! (Note: Lentil would like a higher sweet potato to broccoli ratio to avoid gagging.)

If you are making your own babyfood, add vanillapumpkin to your recipe stops. I think I'll be making this chicken/brown rice/pea medley soon. When chicken is on the list, soon.

I don't know why, exactly, but I want to make marshmallows and think it might be this recipe, from Cooking for Engineers, that I try first.

While looking up the name of the organic market my friend used to work at as a produce buyer, I came across Ecovian, an online green city/living guide. Hmmm. Worth checking out for reviews of stores and products. It's a Web 2.0 thing, to use the lingo, because the community creates the content.

Last week was Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway week, which meant that copious other bloggers were also hosting giveaways. (Handcrafted here, materials and supplies here, handcrafted knitters here.)
I loved the variety of styles and creativity in the blogs I visited.
It's a super list. Just tick off a few every day and find a few to
really love. (I'm hooked on Sew, Mama, Sew since I'm starting sewing.)

Via SwissMiss, this little Venn diagram of how to be happy in business could be applied to everyday life, business or no, yes? (As an aside, as a teacher, I LOVE Venn diagrams. Love them for their visual application.)

I'm working on a shirt from a Japanese pattern book that BAMa lent me. On the knitting front, I'd like to try this sweet little jacket from DROPS design. I have to order the yarn, but it's reasonably priced (it'll cost about $15 for materials).

Something You Might Like #10

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