Big Nights Out

This week has been riddled with time sans Lentil. On Tuesday, BaMa rescued a near flop of an evening when Mister realized he couldn't watch Lentil as planned (speaking engagement) so that I could take a class at the nearby sewing school. In came BaMa with a fried chicken sandwich from Betty's. Ah, something only a mother with experience would know: you plan your evening and forget to eat. I scarfed it on the way to the class and finished it on the way home.
This was Lentil's first night without either of us on hand. They got on famously. Dinner, eaten. Bath, taken. Books, read. Sleep? Yep. Plus, I got to see a little more of BaMa, which is always a good thing.
Yesterday, I had my second afternoon out without Lentil. I dropped her off with Speed Racer and Cindy Lou Who (and their mamas) then went off to have a hamburger, medium rare, thank you. Delish. With fries. Followed by a decaf affogato. The lunch felt decadent and not a bit lonely as my last one did. I spent some time wandering, looking for socks for Lentil, a hat for Lentil, books for Lentil.
Tonight, I went to my high school's graduation. I left Lentil at home with Papa to eat and head off to bed. I felt a little out without her because I'm not teaching and I didn't have her with me to show off. But, she needed to be home, in bed.
To recap, two nights and one afternoon out. Lentil and I both survived. Maybe we even thrived. A little.

Big Nights Out

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