The Crab Pot

It occurred to me today, as Tía B and I watched Lentil, Speed Racer, and Cindy Lou Who, that we should chronicle them a little more than telling each other and the Papas what they're up to. We've been doing the poorly named baby swap for five weeks. (Two mamas watch three babies while mama #3 does whatever she'd like for three and a half hours.)


Really, they aren't up to much. Today, we rolled around on the floor for a while before Speed Racer and Cindy Lou Who popped into the exersaucers (yes, I have two). Lentil looked on, enviously?, while they sucked, chewed, pulled, and bounced. All seemed content until I pulled SR out. This kiddo can already crawl and pull himself up (he pulled up using only one of my fingers, then walked to me!), which he attempted to do on the exersaucer. Hmmm. Leaky pants? Diaper change! Which resulted in chaos. Boy diaper, poop, wiggling, and many tears later, we had him swaddled up and sucking down a bottle, milk coma in process. 

We all enjoyed Dreaming with Rousseau
, a beautiful book that uses Rousseau's paintings to tell a story. (There are others in the "Mini-Masters" series.) 


Listening to Tía B singing the extended version of "The Wheels on The Bus." Our versions do not include the mommies "shushing" the "waahing" babies. Our mommies say, "I love you" to the babies who say, "lalala" or "hahaha."


In other big news, CLW cried today, but so did SR and Lentil. All is right in the world.

PS: Note they are tethered together by yarn. 
The Crab Pot

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