Something You Might Like #11

Mister introduced me to Mark Bittman with a copy of How to Cook Everything
, which was sacrilege to me having grown up with the Joy of Cooking
as my go-to in the kitchen. I like Bittman so much that I bought How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and watched both of his TV shows, including Spain – On the Road Again with the I-want-to-like-her-but-she's-so-clueless-but-I-still-like-her Gwyneth Paltrow.
If you don't follow Bittman's blog at the NYTimes, you might want to. His recipes are unfussy and generally spot-on. Since many of us are cutting back and making more from staples (Molly at MommyCoddle has been blogging about the cooking efforts including her "one simple question for this week: what is your go-to meal?) Where to start with Bittman? How about Five Meals, 10 Ingredients.

Scharffen Berger isn't usually one of my favorites, but I made the Jacque Pepin chocolate chunk cookies on the back of the Scharffen Berger bag. Surprisingly easy, buttery, and delicious, I'd show you a photo but they are all gone. All of them. (Cookie Madness and I both put all the sugar in the dough instead of saving 1T for sprinkling on top. They were fine.)

Erin at House on Hill Road showed off her new market bags (beautiful), made from Alicia's Jane Market Bag pattern at Posie's. (Lots of names in that one. Whoa.)

Perfect for a birthday. I'm tucking away this idea. Mister will freak out at the dancing tutus, but I love these beautiful paper dress cupcake toppers!

In one of my favorite apartments I had an ironing board closet that was turned into a spice rack, just like this one.

Thank you, New Yorker, for posting your stories online, including this one from Sherman Alexie.

Maybe you don't want to be a shepherd, but after watching "rounding up the ewes" from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, you might.

Something You Might Like #11

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