Topaz, the beginning

Earlier this week, I took on the challenge laid out by Ali at Skeins Her Way to set some knitting goals. I whipped out a hat for Lentil that's pretty great, one to add to my Tasty collection (check The Salted Dog at Etsy for more), but I really wanted to get some more clothes underway for her. I have a few sewing projects on the dining room table — I'm learning to sew, really, so it's taking a while, plus I'm translating Japanese patterns — but I want to get a couple of sweaters done for winter as well as this sweet little thing, Topaz.

I cast-on on Friday and knit through Gran Torino, which took some doin' since the first part of the dress has a little intarsia thing going on. I'm knitting in the round, phew! I'd love it if it was done within the week but since Lentil and I are at a conference, it maybe be a couple of weeks before it's done.

Topaz, the beginning

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