Something You Might Like #12

I'm full of the covet but not the buy.

Wow. I want these shoes, complete with mermaids. Katie over at katie did bought custom sneaks for her girls. They aren't cheap, but they are cute! have Elizabeth Mitchell's album, You Are My Little Bird, illustrated by Ida Pearle. Her collages are beautiful. Simple, ethereal despite their permanence (it makes sense if you look at them). There are several in her gallery I find lovely, but this one especially caught my eye.

We don't have a mobile in Lentil's room, but after reading and watching Contact, I wonder if we should introduce her to the solar system. I'm sure I could make this, but if you were looking for a short cut, this is a cute one.

Mighty Goods Junior has oddball and awesome picks. These rubber ducks are awesome. I'm wondering when I can justify them for Lentil who has two rubber ducks in her tub but could use more. Wooden toys, oh yes, especially if they are as whimsical and interesting as this automata sail boat

Sure, you could make these pixie tie infant hats yourself, or you could suck up the $6 Pacifier is charging and get a bunch for as much as some of the boutiques charge for one.

Mister and I are big game players. Not psychological, mess with your partner games, but board game, card games, puzzles. Our latest pick is Dominion from Rio Grande Games, a solid company for thinking games. It's fast and if we're interrupted by Lentil, no big deal. Also, it's fun with two people or four or more, which is great for play with friends who also have children.

Alright, I'm intrigued. Peanut butter at Curly Top sounds pretty good. I've been eating Sunflower Seed butter from Trader Joe's, but make my own? Sure!

Now that I'm pretending to be a seamstress, I thought getting my mitts on some very good tracing paper would be a good idea. Blog after blog I read mentioned Swedish tracing paper. Okay! I'm in!

We aren't going to school yet, but I thought this round-up of feel good crunchy resources would be helpful to someone. Us, in a few years, but someone more immediately, I'm sure.

Another article about letting your child be a child and quit pestering her.

Something You Might Like #12

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