Teen Knit/Sew a Go Go

It seems that finding new things for kids to do is a never ending quest for parents. I looked into sewing classes for my nephew, and myself since my super secret business plan has lessons in it.
This week, Lentil and I are lending a hand to knit-one-one's summer knitting and sewing workshop (it's for 12- to 14-year-olds). We show up, she looks cute, I put together snacks for the kids (in this case, six girls), and wash up at the end. It's gone well, so the studio is offering another week of lessons. The instructor, Kira Dulaney (Kira K Designs), is patient with the girls as they navigate seaming and stitching an Amy Butler bag and Saartje's Noro hat. I'm not sure what they'll be working on next week, but it's sure to be cute. (And, probably adapatable to boys!)

(P.S.: there's room in the class. live in the bay area? give the studio a call.)

Teen Knit/Sew a Go Go

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