Something You Might Like Lucky #13

I don't live in the Hudson Valley, NY, but if I did, I'd visit Spiegeltent, or Mirror Tent, for what seems like a magical experience. (Photos are available on flickr thanks to dragonflyajt.)

I love the color and the whimsy but most of all the simplicity of twoandsix's pea hat. When I finish the last six crochet whatevers on Lentil's dress, I'm on it!

I was not into dolls when I was a child, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to make one for Lentil. Oh, and here's a darling pattern for three dolls from WeeWonderful. Yay! I came across it on Saartje Knits, who'd made one for her own daughter. (If the girls aren't your style, what about Olive and Archie?)

I love to knit, but I'm so under the spell of the sewing sirens. How could I resist the pull of something as charming and funny as the bubble dress?

Diaper bags, like all bags, are imperfect. Someone thinks "this is it!" and a bag might win an award, but then it's yours and it doesn't fit anything or it's ugly or whatever. So make your own. Here, this could help you get started. It's big and has pockets! (I might use a few less fabrics.)

What? You say you don't understand grain as it relates to sewing? Here, try this.

Who doesn't love clever and fun knitting patterns for kids? What if they are free, too? Petite Purls offers a small but super collection of patterns (including a Jacques, a lobster stuffy!) for the wee ones. The boards are full of great tips and links. First issue just up. Quick! Click!

Man Baby Blanket. (No, that's not what it is called.) It could be for a girl, too, but oh, so simple and elegant. brooklyntweed is sublime.

Athough the avocado buttercream is the same color as my 1969 stuffed bunny and the Brady Bunch's kitchen appliances, this vegan chocolate cake looks delicious and moist. (Buttercream on the side, perhaps?) A friend recently had vegan mousse made with avocado. He said he never would have known if he hadn't been told. Avocado is, according to my baking mole, the vodka of the food world — it is a canvas upon which you paint your flavors.

I'm not a math teacher (I teach English), but I believe in the importance of understanding math (and maybe even like it a little). How cool is this little worksheet generator? Math for your kids, anytime! (Mister and I both had a Little Professor when we were young. My nieces and nephews played with mine. It still works.)

Note: I'm not some web surfing super genius. I find the links from other links from other blogs. Thank you to all of you who turn me onto some beautiful & interesting things.

Something You Might Like Lucky #13

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