Strawberry girl

Speed Racer’s mama has thriving strawberries in their front yard. A few weeks ago, she was out picking berries when Speed Racer decided to help. He popped one in his mouth. Good bye purees, hello sunshine!
During this week’s crabpot, SR’s mama and I took everyone for a walk, which became a nap. We arrived home, picked some berries just in time for Lentil and SR to wake. (Cindy Lou Who, asleep on my back, missed out.)
Lentil is quite capable and thrilled by the strawberries. She was nine ways of juicy when we ran out.
(when speed tried the berries initially, I thought, “choking hazard!” but Tia B said, “dexterity! coordination! motor skills!” reminding me that I wanted to be the parent who fomented safe exploration. speed is fearless! he is something to behold. i don’t plan to be reckless, but perhaps a little less strung)

Strawberry girl

Strawberry girl

Strawberry girl

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