Updated: Mamas at MOMA

This is our second trip to the SFMOMA, though this one was fly by night. When we talked the night before, Mac didn't think she would make it, and I thought I might go it alone. Hah. Morning came, I stood in the kitchen listening to the water aerate before boiling and realized I was crazy to think I'd get it together to make it. Which was disappointing since the first Tuesday of the month is free day at MOMA, key for having a child since we'll never be there for more than 90 minutes or so, and it was the last week of the Adams/O'Keefe exhibit.

Mac's call broke my revery and shook me into action. It did not shake Lentil into action. She slept on, past 10am and onto 11:plus. (We planned to meet at 10:30, which I changed to 11 at my house.) Although I like to think I'm with it and can pull things together, I can't. We drove to BART to minimize the return trip, and got on a train sometime close to 12:30. Lentil and Bud couldn't have been happier looking at people and things outside the window. He yells, "Wow!" which Mac didn't realize mimics her enthusiasm perfectly. It's charming. I wish I did something like it because it's a joy to hear him say it.

Mamas at MOMA BART with ergos is a much different experience than BART with strollers. We could get on and off without winding through the warren of tunnels in search of the elevators. You know, because of course the elevators in the San Francisco stations don't go directly to the platform and require two elevators. It also makes for a long, exhausting day of baby-carrying.

By the time we arrived at the museum, we were all hungry. Lunch in the cafeteria was lovely. We shared a table with two men who were already sharing the table. Bud sacked out for a good long nap. Mac and I chatted. When we finally made a move for actual exhibits, we started with the rooftop garden (bypassing the Blue Bottle Coffee stand because, frankly, the lines and the obsession are ridiculous). The garden is new and lovely. It is calm, interesting, well-lit, but catches a bit of the breeze off the Bay. Yes, you can get married up there. The other floors were given over to the special exhibits, which we decided to skip though we'll be back in October to catch the Richard Avedon photos, and reworking of existing exhibits though we looked over a bit of the impressionists before heading out.

That doesn't sound like much, but try it with a 21 pound girl strapped to your chest. Thank goodness for Beard Papa (a name I can never remember. Wouldn't Puff Daddy make more sense?)

BART home, Lentil fell asleep so we walked the full way to the house. I went out later. Oops. Mister went out to get the car after she was asleep. I love taking her to the museum. I'm certain my parents took us, but I don't remember many trips. (King Tut, I remember.) Since I studied a small bit of art history in college, I found a greater appreciation for art, and after teaching in the art academy I never want to give up the ability to bring art into our everyday. I hope Lentil feels the same.

Updated: Mamas at MOMA

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