Sometimes Daily Flower #4

Sometimes Daily FlowerIt shouldn't be difficult to keep up with the flowers, but the days are getting away from me. Sewing projects (shirt and cape prototype), knitting (another Tasty Scarf, Christmas hats), gardening (bringing sunshine back into our yard by cutting back the butterfly bush, bougainvillea, wisteria, plum, lemon, orange), and general household tasks (beans, ratatouille, baked apples). My life is a list if to do's though I'm hardly accomplished at any of them.
On a recent late afternoon walk, a daily accomplishment, we spotted these lovelies on a quiet street in Rockridge.

The large, white blossom is a hibiscus. I wonder if it is a variety that could become tea. The petals stretch nearly two inches each, and the sepal shoots pink and orange about an inch and a half towards the sun. The bush is glorious, with multitudes of these cheery blossoms.

Sometimes Daily FlowerThe pink and burgundy are wild. The petal looks like a mini trumpet; together, they create the flower. I've no idea what it is, and used my lifeline on the hibiscus. 

Sometimes Daily FlowerThe last is a riotous succulent that corkscrews like an Escher print. What is up? What is down. It takes great control for me not to pluck a petal or two from succulents such as this to add to my puny collection.

Sometimes Daily Flower #4

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