About Those Beans

I bought cranberry beans, fresh, in the pod, from Berkeley Bowl a few days ago and made them into a lovely stewish thing. Recipes for fresh beans, as I found when I was making the tomato sauce, are difficult to come by. Tomatoes, people assume you're using canned. Beans, are they really always dried?

No, they aren't.

I went to the Bowl for a small shop, but wandered around the produce section, enticed by the chaneterelles and the cranberry beans. I picked up some spinach and a few other things thinking I might combine them all in some bean recipe. Instead, I used Mark Bittman's basic bean and mushroom recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food. I made a couple of minor modifications, but essentially stuck to his recipe, which calls for letting the beans do their thing, then adding the mushrooms. I used fresh mushrooms along with the cranberry beans. A quick search for beans led me to Taste of Tuscany, one of the few sites that provides basic information on cooking fresh beans. And what looks like a great recipe, too.

The beans and mushrooms were fantastic. I topped our bowls with poached eggs. I wish we'd had some crusty bread, but next time. I used Cholula on mine. Oh yeah.

About Those Beans

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