Call Me Wheezy

Lentil had a kooky weekend. Mister spent all day (all day!!) Saturday with her while I went fabric shopping with Aunty Cake and ran a few odd errands. She took short naps, had some beef brisket from Betty's, tried sushi (avocado rolls). We left her sleeping with Nana keeping watch. Apparently she woke up five minutes before we got home. When I walked in, she howled. Oh, sweet little girl. It took some doing to calm her down and coax her back to sleep.

The girls
On Sunday, we went to the Temescal Farmers' Market with the Footles (Mr. Footle took some especially fine pictures of all of our girls.) Then we had friends over for dinner and vegan chocolate cake (made with avocado — check out the photo in the link).

Lentil woke up crazy around 11:30, wheezing while she was nursing. It got progressively worse. I laid awake, listening to her labored, half-breaths through the monitor, contemplating taking her to the ER. (I wondered if she would tell stories about me as I do about my mom … when I had to badger my mother into taking me to the doctor's to check for appendicitis. If I didn't take her, would we regret it.)

It was a horrible night of little sleep for Mister and me. We got up at different times to check her breathing which became more ragged as the evening moved to morning. At four, I was sure we were in trouble, but she seemed nonplussed by her wheezes while I was more panicked. At six-thirty, we thought we might take her to the ER, but by the time we'd gotten dressed, packed foods, it made more sense to take her to the pediatrician.

She thinks Lentil might have had an asthma attack set off by an allergy. The possible culprit: a blanket I've never used for her or a new sleepsack (one I purchased via BPN and idly questioned: would it be tainted? (No)). She also suggested that when we move, we get away from the shadow of the freeway (this is not an issue for us; we love our house and neighbors, but can't wait to get out off this street). She gave Lentil a prescription for Albuterol (holy schnikey!) and a device called a spacer that helps babies inhale the medicine since they can't hold their breaths like you or I do.

The thing is, that you don't, or I don't, want to be the crazy parent, calling the doctor every time there's a hiccup or burp. But, then, do you wait too long when something serious is going on? Our doctor said that if we have to use the Albuterol more than three times because she can't breath — and emphasized that it is not normal or okay for her to have difficulty breathing so give her the drugs already — we have to go in immediately.


Call Me Wheezy

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