Lentil's a little late to the teeth game. Her bottom teeth came in in August when she was 10 months old. Over the last four weeks, her top teeth have slowly made their way down, starting with her left incisor and moving across to the right. For a couple of weeks, I was sure she'd be a snaggle tooth for her birthday, which is coming up soon, in just 13 days!

But no, everyday the teeth descend a bit more. I gave her a teething cookie this morning and finally, the teething part of the cookie made sense. Something with which to wear down the new sharpies in her mouth. It is better than grinding, a fleeting occurrence I was terrified would become habit.

(I'd show you pictures of her teeth, but they are a state secret.)

Our mamas group has been abuzz with discussions about naps — whose dropping naps (none of them, really, they are too little) or whose are disrupted (all of them, it seems). I finally went back and read through Penelope Leach's Your Baby and Child: From Birth to Age Five (Revised Edition) to do a brush-up of my six-12 month baby and prep for the magic year. We have a bit of work to do at Chez Mama. Like wean. Lentil never took to the bottle so I've been nursing her sans bottle for 50 weeks. That's a lot of time and I'd like a rest. I realized that I needed to be more focused about the whole weaning thing, and that it isn't going to happen if I'm not systematic about it. The incoming top teeth haven't been a huge issue, but I think the teeth are a good signal that we're ready to move on to milk and maybe only one nursing with Mama session a day.

At least, one of us is.


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