Bama Lamb or Not to Lamb

I've called Bama Lamb since she was born so it made perfect sense that she be a lamb for Halloween. I figured she'd be crawling (check) and possibly not walking (double-check), so a little lamb scooting around the floor seemed brilliant.

Except that I couldn't really sew (reminding all of you that I can, in fact, sew now and that I could before, just not well, or straight, or neatly) and I especially could not make up my own lamb pattern. Sure, a big white sweatsuit outfit turned into a lamb, that's a good idea. But lambs are scarce these days. No lamb patterns in the costume packets from Butterick et al. Mama E is dressing the boy as a monkey but the etsy shop where she bought her monkey kit does not sell lambs.

What's an ewe to do?

Call her mother. In fairness, I called to ask her opinion about two costumes for sale at The Mini-Social but my mother offered to make Bama her lamb costume. My mother lives in Truckee so we didn't do any official fittings. Oops.

With the legs attached, we can't really get the top on and definitely can't get it closed. I thought I should experiment with the top without the legs to see if I could get it on Bama and if she'd wear it.


Sad, sad lamb.


Fierce lamb.


Get me outta this lamb.

I detached the legs and will sew them together into pants. We'll see if she wears it. Magic 8 Ball says, "Future is Murky."

Bama Lamb or Not to Lamb

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