Something You Might Like #15


4049442928_290fa36000_bCSA's are awesome unless you're getting something every week you really don't want.

Fall. I love fall, but an eggplant a week has been challenging. I've been making ratatouille regularly and have found that I do, in fact, like eggplant though it still freaks me out and I have to think about every bite. I'm done with peppers. Done. But squash? Winter squash? Bring it on (not sure which you have and what it's like? Check here). Tomorrow, for our happy birthday/Happy Halloween celebration with all eleven babies in our group I'll be bringing this farro and butternut squash dish .

Tonight (it's 12:42am) I made Halloween meringue ghosts. They are tasty! and easy. Just don't underestimate the baking time. (PS: Heidi Swanson gives some good meringue tips with her own ghost recipe.)

Apple cake in a skillet? Yes, thanks!


I don't know if I love Feeleez, but after Amanda Soule wrote about them (and, of course, gave a set away to someone else since I continue to never, ever win anything), I've been thinking about getting us a set for Bama. We all of us could explore our emotional intelligences but most likely need tools to do so. Although most teachers are familiar at least with Howard Gardner's work, Frames Of Mind: The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences, it's not a common dinner table topic. I put these into the category of useful for parents and children.


We need wall hooks if I want to hang some of these great bags, but what a clear tutorial and nice idea for kids! I might add a second strap for toting.

I don't have anything in particular to recommend to make from Two Straight Lines, but you'll probably find something you'd like to do after checking it out. (I like the monster bag and am inspired to sand my hella old bookcase and paint it.)

Something to Think About

I thought I'd skip Po Bronson's NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children, but after reading this chapter, "See Baby Discriminate," excerpted in Newsweek, I put it on my list at the library. I posted it to FB and brought it up with friends. Last night, three of my mamas and I had an interesting conversation about race, talking about race with our children, and what isn't said in conversations (and in newspapers, and on tv). Race is uncomfortable but it race issues won't get better if we aren't talking.

It's no secret that I dig Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his food crusade. Add Jamie Oliver (aka, The Naked Chef) to the list for taking on pig farming in England and unhealthy lunches in the U.S. A regular lunch at the school where I teach? French fries and pizza — it's on the menu. Chili poured over Frito corn chips. Hot Cheetos dipped in cream cheese. 

To probiotics or not to probiotics? Mister's taken several rounds of brutal antibiotics to kick his pneumonia. Several friends and the local pharmacist suggested he take probiotics to get his stomach in working order. Is it hype? Or real?


I love focused blogs like Spots Unknown: San Francisco. It's interesting, unique, and lovely in its finds. This particular link to film footage is beautiful. It could be the music but I think it's the other-worldliness of the video (filmed in 1958).

Paris Daily Photo. What else should I say?

I just like ohdeehdoh from apartment therapy. In my 20s, it was Martha Stewart. My aesthetic has changed a bit but still like these highly stylized ideas. Fairy doors? Sweet!

Progressive Pioneer might be too crunchy for some of us, but it's pro-mama and I like that.

Inhabitots fancies itself a green resource for parents. Great toy recommendations, interesting articles. (Do you need organic play-dough?)

My mother (Grandmother) sent this along — cool biking. This kind of biking impresses the heck out of me. Makes me wish I could do at least one trick.

Something You Might Like #15

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