A Giveaway a Mama Might Like

This is a shameless entry into yet another contest that I will never win because, well, I never win anything that involves raffle tickets, lotteries, bingo, or chance. This is not a similar situation to someone saying she has no memory for faces. You can have a memory for faces if you simply decide to and put in a little effort (says the teacher who knows her students within two weeks — 130-145 kids, that is).

Contests are another thing. I never win. I keep plugging away thinking that one day, the contest gods will smile upon me and bestow some nifty thing, like, say, Melissa & Doug's pretty darn cool kitchen sets that they company is giving away via this blogaway. Dr. B-T and I were talking about this very item today, a kitchen, and wanting one in wood, not in plastic, but both of us face tight budgets and wondering when we'd get to it (and, honestly, we'll probably try to find it second-hand to make the wood last longer and our dollar go further). Since our girls are only one, it's a little early, but Bama spends a lot of time in the kitchen with me. Having her own kitchen seems like a cool (and safer) extension of the real kitchen.

A Giveaway a Mama Might Like

One thought on “A Giveaway a Mama Might Like

  1. Although I REALLY wanted a nice wood one, I went with a plastic kitchen set off Craigslist for the sake of saving money. Would still love a wood one but can happily say that that was the best $20 I’ve ever spent. The kitchen set gets sooo much use in our house. If you decide to fork out the money, I am sure that you will find it to be money well spent.


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