One Year Check Up

Bama and I saw Dr. G on Monday, her pediatrician, for her one year check up. Mister and I usually go together, but he had a business meeting. When we are both there, he handles the weighing and undressing and so on. I usually sit eating bon bons. This time, without Mister, I handle the wiggler on the scale, already tricky and made trickier by her exhaustion (we were way into what should have been nap time).

Dr. G asked the various development questions: walking (no), pulling up (oh, yes), finger-walking (yes), saying any words?

Um. words. 

Speed Racer is saying "Ca" and "Da." Bama has mystery words. Dabin. Apum. We're pretty sure they mean something, but neither Mister nor I know what they are. (For the record, I thought Dabin was book, but …) On Sunday, though, as she was pulling on my mother's necklace, and we were saying, "gentle" to Bama who kindly stroked the necklace and said, "yenyil," which sounded a lot like "gentle." Dr. G said she could have said it. Ah, our progeny.

We've been reading to Bama pretty much since day one. I used to read a bit from New Yorker articles while I nursed. She didn't seem to mind nor did she seem to like them. We read three books before naps and bed. At some point, Mister started offering her two books to choose from. It's a regular thing with us, but these days, Bama is wanting to select books from her bookshelf. This can be challenging, when you have the wordless wonder pointing and "ah-ah"-ing, four books later, you find the one she wants. (Current favorites: Touch and Feel: Farm
, Snoozers : 7 Short Short Bedtime Stories for Lively Little Kids
, I Am a Bunny (A Golden Sturdy Book)
, Ten Little Ladybugs
and a few other touch and feel books I can't find links for. Mister's current favorite is Guess How Much I Love You
while I'm fond of I Am a Bunny and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes.

I talked with Dr. G about weaning, something about which I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I'd like my nipples back. On the other hand, I love curling up with her and nursing. We'll be fine when the transition comes, and I'm not likely to be one of the mothers who nurses her child until kindergarten, but it is a big change for us, especially since Bama has never taken a bottle.

Before weaning, though, we're cutting out the night-time wakings. Currently, Bama wakes up around 11pm and again around 3am, give or take. That has to end so we're ending it this week. Yes, it does suck, Virginia. One night in and it was awful. We'll live, but it isn't a good time listening to your child cry as she waits for you to nurse her back to sleep. I comforted her, played solitaire on my iPhone, and felt lousy. I'm hopeful tonight is better but am not expecting it to be. (I told her she is learning how to go to bed on her own. Sigh.)

One Year Check Up

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