We were at Tia B's and Cindy Lou Who's for last week's get together. Speed Racer, who I also like to call Winston Churchill for his calm and stately presence, ate a pear while I wasn't looking. I thought maybe he'd dropped it, but all that remained was a stem.

Cindy Lou has a giant shark. It is unnamed, but fierce. They took it for a ride with a little help from Tia B.

The crab pot days are always fun, but this was an especially good day. No one napped, but nobody broke down, either. There was a lot of eating and exploring going on. The three of them play well together, and as they get older, seem to recognize and understand each other more. Bama's the non-walker in the trio which sometimes makes me wonder if she feels left out as the other two march around, but she's so into her own thing, and she is mobile, that I know it's my issue, not hers.


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