Swing, originally uploaded by precipice.

Mister and I took Bama to our old neighborhood in the city, then down to the park for the afternoon. When we first dated, we would spend time in the Botanical Garden. Ah, those lazy weekends when I was in school and waiting tables and he had a job he loathed but left him with loads of open time. Those were good days.
Today was a good day, too. Waffles in the morning, a long morning nap, and then a beautiful fall day that felt like early spring. It was the kind of day that makes people who live in San Francisco brag about why it's so great to live in San Francisco.
What I love about Bama in this picture is her placidness. She's been swinging for a bit, which she loves. At this point, she's looking around at the other kids, which she loves to do. I love that you can see her jelly belly. I love the color of her shirt. I love the radiant greens behind her. Mostly, I love that the three of us had time for just us.


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