Milks No More

The doctor said we have to wean Bama before we can do a transfer. Two weeks ago, I was ready to wean. I thought it would be great to have my breasts back, just for me, for a while. Not huge and pre-pregnant sore, not huge and ready-to-nurse, not nursers, just breasts.

As with anything I have to give up, now that I have to stop nursing Bama, I love it. She snuggles with me in the morning, cuddling under the flannel sheets. She curls up with me in the big chair before baths in the evening. I get to stroke her hair, talk about the day, listen to her, touch her feet.

If I were younger, we'd feel less pressure to get back on the baby train. But I'm 40. And a half. And at 41, chances of a successful pregnancy (via IVF) drops 50 percent. So, weaning it is. I already miss it.

Milks No More

2 thoughts on “Milks No More

  1. I was rather sad at losing my “snuggle time” with Funky B when it came time to stop nursing but I found that we created that time and connection in other ways. Eighteen months later, one my favorite times of the day is first thing in the morning when she climbs into bed to snuggle with me, all warm from sleep and dreamy. I think it’s one her favorites too. No doubt you and Bama will find your own sweet snuggle time.


  2. Intellectually I know we’ll have snuggles, and she is a super-snuggler anyway, but the change makes me a little sad. We dropped the pre-bed nursing and just have the morning to address. Night time is still sweet and wonderful.


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