Mmm. I love you.

Mister's uncle came to visit the first weekend in December. We haven't seen him in a bit as we live on opposite sides of the country. I have a real soft spot for this man and his lovely, lovely wife. They are two of the kindest people I know. I stayed with them before attending the Belfer conference at the USHMM, and then again just after when all flights out of DC were cancelled. This time, I brought along two friends. They accommodated all of us, and even schlepped us to the airport the next day.
Bama loves, loves, loves her uncle. From the minute he walked in the door, this little girl was all over him. He rode in the back of the car with her, he sat next to her at dinner, he chatted with her while she played. She gave him kisses, she bit his nose.
On Friday, the five of us got online and chatted with the video going so that she could meet her aunt. It was awesome. We plan on chatting regularly. :) 

Uncle and Aunt might even get to read to Bama. Mister knows the guy who started a site called A Story Before Bed – you pick a book (from its selection) and read along with it to create a recording. The child can listen to it forever (the cost is in the recording). It will be fun for her to hear stories in their voices. (The site does a lot of business with soldiers who are deployed but still want to read to their kids. Cool.)

Uncle brought Bama a stuffed panda from the National Zoo. This girl is mad for stuffed animals. She couldn't leave the panda, as yet unnamed, behind on her walk (this is the second half of her downstairs tour). 

Mmm. I love you.

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