Finished Objects

I knit up two hats and two scarves for The Salted Dog customers before the holidays, bumping several in-progress projects, including Bama's Placket Neck Sweater which is still mid-sleeve. Between Bama watching, holiday-ing, and general housework, my queue came to a halt. Today I finished my niece's Toast, my mom's scarf, and a fix to my own Toast. I tossed in a picture of one of the Tasty scarves and Bama's stocking. 



Toast: Classic Elite Lush with Inca Alpaca stripes. The stripes are not symmetrical on the warmers.


2×2 rib scarf (Cascade Yarns Pastaza and Stacy Charles Ritratto held together. Almost two skeins of the Pastaza. One skein of the Ritratto). Modeled by my mother. 

IMG_9473 Classic Elite Inca Alpaca (London)

 Tasty Scarf (sold). (45 yarns, about six feet long and 10 inches wide)

Bama's stocking, made from a felted sweater (the red) and the collar of a fabulous sweater I bought in Paris in 2000 (for the millennium New Year's Eve celebration). The arms have the same crazy faux fur. I'm making her some rock star pants out of those bits (sometime this week). I still have some trimming to do for her stocking. I have a bell to add and maybe another doodad. We'll see. 

Finished Objects

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