Knitting Dress Up = Sea Monster?

I'm certain I'm not the only person who watched the Krofft Family Show. (I had a pretty serious thing for the Bay City Rollers). 

Bama likes to reorganize our bookshelves, our little librarian, and she also revels in my scarf box. Yesterday morning, she looked like a mix of Bugs Bunny bag lady and Sigmund the Sea Monster, the kookie sea monster who looked like a pile of kelp.


Loaded up. (Check out my beautiful girl. Caught in one of her moments of thought.)


Wait! Did I miss something? (Three scarves, a clapotis, a capelet, wrist warmers, and a hat?)


Slithering away.


Finding a friend in the mirror.




Check out Sigmund's tentacles.

Knitting Dress Up = Sea Monster?

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