Go Ahead, Ruin Those Pants

Going to the park in winter with a crawler is a lot less fun than sitting around the park in the spring with an inert baby. I've avoided a lot of our nearby parks because they are not usually set up for crawlers or new walkers. Sometimes there's sand, and one particularly fabulous park is all foamy padded stuff on the ground, with structures for crawlers to about four- or five-years old. Pre-Bama Mama didn't realize how big a deal having stuff for Bama-sized babies would be. Nearby Frog Park, a huge favorite with the three-and-ups is useless to us. The grass is nice, but twice we've gone when there's been irrigation work going on. No grass for us. 

But we were meeting friends and I thought I'd suck it up today and let her crawl around in whatever was there and not worry about it. 

Special note: Here's my concern: Pants. How lame is that. We had one pair of jeans, though, and her other stretchy pants get trashed on concrete (not to mention her knees). I'm not sure when I because the person who cares about this stuff, but I wish she'd take a hike so the person who lets her daughter explore could take over. (Now we have two pairs of jeans. Oh, the freedom!)

Today we explored sand and leaves and sticks. Bama spent a bit of time scooping sand onto the bottom of the slide, then using her too-long sleeve to wipe it off. My little cleaner girl. We talked to the ducks and the geese, saw several friends and generally had a great time. 

Bama's not this wildly adventurous baby. She likes to check things out, she's happy to wander away from me and doesn't freak out if I'm not in immediate sight, but she's not like Joe the Pirate Monkey who has figured out how to flip off his parents bed or like Sophie and Isabelle who go bouldering on the couch (and off the couch). So to see her opt to go head first down the slide, several times, wowowowow.

Exploring the tube. She wouldn't go through it, but spent a lot of time here, turning around, looking around, chatting.

  Oh, my girl. She melts me. (Yes, that's a Tasty hat.)

Headfirst down the slide seems a good idea!

Sweet Mary in the Morning! It was a good idea! Check me out!!

Cindy Lou Who and her mama surprised us at the park. Cindy Lou takes the slide in form.   

Go Ahead, Ruin Those Pants

One thought on “Go Ahead, Ruin Those Pants

  1. Headfirst sliding!!! Way to go kiddo. I taught my girls to go down feet first on their tummies. Safe landings but not terribly exciting.
    By the way, we tried camping at this age. It’s a tough one. Think small being on all fours in the dirt with choking hazards galore. Needless to say, we didn’t try that again for a while.


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