Out for a Walk

Bama and I made the trek to Truckee to see Grandmother and Grandpa for a few days. When we arrived, there was snow piled around, but we were waiting for fresh stuff to fall. 

She's transitioning from two naps to one nap, which has to be one of the crankiest transitions a child goes through. Add to that getting molars and adjusting to altitude and you are set for a good time in the mountains.

On our first day, I took us out for a walk. You can see her new mitten peeking out the stroller.

What? Is she bundled up too much? She was asleep by the time I reached the market and then slept for another forty-five.

She would have slept longer, bundled up in the front yard while I read in the back of the Jeep, except Grandpa decided to chop wood. Literally. Oh, Grandpa. "Will this wake her up?" he asked as he let the axe bite into the log.

"Yes," I answered, as I wheeled the waking girl away. 

Out for a Walk

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