Out for a Knit

After throwing Bama’s sweater across the room, I decided I could handle sweet little Neighborly. What you’re seeing is the second cast-on since the first was coming up a little loose. I switched needles to tighten things up. Even though both are size eights, the metal Skacels allow the yarn to slide nicely, but for the starting bit, which is only ten stitches, the yarn slipped too much.
Mister sent me out for a knit. He shooed me out if the house yesterday, too. I went to the movies (Shutter Island), wow! First time at a matinee in 18 months. “You didn’t get enough time yesterday,” he said as he pulled the baby gates we finally bought from the box.
So here I am, with a nearly done hot chocolate and my yarn, and I want to go home so that he can go out by himself for a bit and enjoy the quiet of no work or housework or me or Bama, just him.
I have five more minutes. That’s enough for a buttonhole.
(The yarn is South West Trading Karaoke, frogged from Vèronik Avery’s short row hat.)

Out for a Knit

Out for a Knit

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