Ribbit, Ribbit, Rippit, Dammit.

There I was, knitting away with friends during our monthly knit night Chez The Table. And we were sitting around the table. I regaled friends with stories of Bama's poop escapades (I'll get to this later) while properly decreasing the yoke on Bama's Child's Placket Neck Pullover, keeping track of my decreases since last time I decreased EVERY ROUND having sloppily misread the instructions.

Should I back up and give a quick Lost-like recap of my woes. This doesn't include photos though I may have to take one of the sweater's current position in my bedroom.

  1. Chose a silk/wool blend courtesy of the annoyed guy at ImagiKnit and my own lust for color over fiber.
  2. Cast on. Not enough stiches. I figure it out when I'm putting sleeves on. I frog the bottom and knit it up again. Gives me a chance to work on my continental stitch.
  3. Cast on and triple check stitch count. Have two friends count. Yep, have all my stitches.
  4. I add a sleeve. I add a second sleeve. I decrease in the yoke. I misread the directions and decrease every round (because it says to decrease and then do it three more times … in the round, but you know, I missed that detail). I rip out to the sleeves, noticing that one sleeve has fewer stitches. I rip that sleeve, too.
  5. I knit the second sleeve and this time I do the increases. I add the sleeve to the sweater's body and head for the yoke. Yoke done! Decreases, done!
  6. Stitch count? Way off.

What did you not see in any of the above steps? Nope, I didn't double check my stitches. But I was WAY off, about 20 stitches off. Where did they go/come from? and the sleeves? Again, not the same size.

I flung the entire project across the room invoking the F-bomb. It felt good. I might light the project on fire instead of just frogging it.

Today I am casting on Neighborly. Wish me luck. (I read the directions!)

Ribbit, Ribbit, Rippit, Dammit.

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