A Vehicle for Lemon Curd: Failing Success




Mister looked at the large bowl of fruit and garlic on our counter, not to be confused with the bowl of onions and shallots or the basket of lemons, apples, and oranges in the refrigerator, and asked, "What's going on with this?" Roughly translated, his question means, "Why is there a third bowl of unknown items sitting idly on the counter, taking up space, and potentially attracting fruit flies?"

I told him I'd take care of it.

Since I'd made lemon curd yesterday, what I really craved was a vehicle for the curd — a fantastic scone or some ginger cake, but when it came down to it, I wasn't in the mood to bake either, or eat either. I made a spiced apple cake, instead, and used up six of the apple culprits in the bowl. A quick Google for recipes took me to Martha Stewart, but the top three reviewers seemed meh to yuck on the favorite factor. I read one blogger's rave reviews of the best apple spice cake ever, in the world, really. It led me back to Martha Stewart's Apple Spice Cake, a recipe that is apparently one of the site's most popular.IMG_3620 I'd hoped to have it in the oven before Mr. Wilson and Cindy Lou Who came over to play, but it ended up going in somewhere mid-visit, and was done right as Mr. Wilson was being popped into his carseat to go home. The house smelled divine, though when I asked Aunty Jenny if she could smell it, she said, "poop?" Generally a good assumption, but today, no, it was cinnamon and apples doing their thing. Next time, don't forget the vanilla. Oops!

IMG_3622I planned for a mushroom pasta dish for dinner, but that didn't happen. What with the walk to the local market and back, suddenly it was Bama's meal time. We ate leftovers in various forms and a fresh salad. Not to give into the no-cooking-bad-angel, I made a spicy cauliflower soup from my current favorite cookbook, Alice Water's The Art of Simple Food: Notes, Lessons, and Recipes from a Delicious Revolution. I have wanted to cook from one cookbook for a month or so, and was tiring of Bittman (though he is so useful), but I realized I needed some basic technique help. Waters is more helpful than I expected, and her dishes are quite simple and lovely. Everything I have made, we've liked, including a fantastic pasta dish that introduced me to quick cooking greens before putting them in the pasta so they are more tender. Thank you, Alice.

I cut some of the chile powder out of the soup because I'd like Bama to eat some and though she likes spicy foods, it might have been too much for her. I made the soup while watching the third episode of Emma on PBS.org (a thoroughly enjoyable version). It was easy, peasy with only a rough puree at the end using a whisk. I'd rather clean a whisk than the Cuisinart or food mill.IMG_3624

The pictures do neither the cake nor the soup justice. The soup photos I took at night when the kitchen lighting is worse than usual. It's quite pretty.

A Vehicle for Lemon Curd: Failing Success

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