Our Little Cleaner

Mister gave Bama and me the gift of music for Christmas by signing us up for a Music Together class. Apparently talking about it on a weekly basis made an impression.

This week was week eight. She has transformed over the last two months into a toe-tapping, drum-playing music lover. We don't play music enough in the house, but she's always danced around and wiggled to tunes, but I think we started the class at a great age for her, because she's latching on to concepts the music introduces.

Yesterday, for the first time, she picked up her own scarf for the dance party song. She also picked out her own instruments (promptly swiped by the bigger E. whose mother never seems to notice these things). Then, when it came time to put things away, she put everything away. Wow! We've been working on this at home, too. When I say good night to her tub toys (as a peaceful way to end bath), she has to put crab, dolphin, turtle, pelican, and octopus in the bucket. Pretty cool.

She also likes to wipe down tables and will take small pieces of toilet paper as tissue for her nose. (I like this considerably more than when she'd simply unroll the entire roll.) She's funny, my girl. I followed the lead of a couple of the other mamas from our group and got her a whisk and dustpan. She thinks the whisk is awesome. As a hairbrush.

Our Little Cleaner

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