What Say You?

I finally made a list of Bama's words at the beginning of February, and add to the list weekly. Sort of. I aspire to add to it each week, but I kind of do. 

There are some interesting aspects to these lists. She knows body parts because we have a couple of lift-the-flap books that are all about the body (Where Is Baby's Belly Button?
, and Toes, Ears, & Nose! A Lift-the-Flap Book
), and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Baby Board Books)
. She loves to play with hair, poke us in the eyes, the usual stuff. Bama gets a big kick out of teeth and tongue, but is very proud of knowing her socks go on her feet, which she's trying to do herself but hasn't mastered, and poking us in the eye and saying "eye."

We're big on animals so she's learned a bunch, aided by the recent addition of the Little People A To Z Learning Zoo Playset, a hand-me-down from Coco and Juni. I'm not sure she'll pick up Uriel (kind of like a gazelle or impala) or how a jaguar is not like the cheetah, but now she really knows elephant and lion and tiger and giraffe. I'd like her to master ostrich because it amuses me.

The conceptual words like help and all done are challenges for all of us. She gets help, definitely, and she understands, generally, that all done means finished, but, as our doctor said, "all done can mean for this second, or this thing" so we keep feeding her until she turns her head and we say, vigorously, all done. Seems to be working. 

I didn't include the myriad of words and phrases she understands, like Eskimo which means we rub our noses together.

I'm pretty sure I missed some things because she has a few signs I totally don't get.


  • elephant
  • cat
  • fish
  • light
  • bath
  • all done (with some accuracy)
  • more
  • hungry/food
  • drop
  • frog
  • bunny
  • turtle
  • lion
  • giraffe
  • monkey
  • sleepies
  • help
  • hot
  • book
  • water
  • moon
  • rain
  • change diaper
  • poop/potty
  • flower
  • walk
  • milks
  • banana
  • turtle
  • baby


  • broccoli
  • papa
  • mama
  • grandpa
  • nana
  • fork
  • gentile
  • baby
  • blueberries
  • cheese
  • cracker
  • pop
  • roar
  • grapes
  • eyes
  • hi
  • bye-bye
  • apple
  • ball
  • girl
  • Dash (a buddy of ours)
  • shoe
  • sock

Animal Sounds

  • elephant
  • lion
  • tiger
  • cheetah (okay, it goes cheecheetah)
  • duck
  • dog
  • toaster (technically not an animal; it goes "pop")
  • monkey
  • snake
  • sheep
  • working hard on the giraffe's cough

Body Parts (can identify)

  • eyes
  • nose
  • shoulders
  • belly button
  • toes
  • fingers
  • feet
  • knees
  • mouth
  • tongue
  • ears
  • hair
  • cheeks
  • hands
  • head
What Say You?

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