Warm Breakfast, Sleeping Roses, Turkeys, and a Ride


Bama's Uncle Nellie called on last Saturday morning to see if we were free for a visit. Yeah! We met him at one of our favorite spots, Camino, for brunch. We love this place. We went with various friends several times before we had Bama, and then had another cluster of visits in the fall. Allison, one of the owners, is incredibly nice, always says hello, and even remembers Bama's name even though we don't go as regularly as we'd like.

It's a wonderful surprise to see Uncle Nellie because he doesn't have a lot of experience with babies but is wading in, knee deep to meet and know his friends' children. We won't ever ask him to change a diaper, but he is game with exploring Bama's world. We love Uncle Nellie.


We enjoyed a lovely brunch of poached eggs over farro and artichoke hearts. This dish inspired me, as do all their sides. I wish I could take a class from the chef just to learn how to make the juicy and flavorful bean and grain sides they serve. (I cooked 1/2 farro, then added a sliced onion to the fat from our roasted chicken along with 1/2 cup of water to pick up the bits. In went sliced small artichokes, then finally, the farro. It's not bad. The herbs and spices … hmmm.) Bama mowed through a sausage, some potatoes, pretty much anything we gave her, including the farro dish. 

Afterwards, to stretch our legs, we walked to the Oakland Amphitheater of Roses, or the Rose Garden, which was my childhood play place. The roses are trimmed back and hibernating, but the turkeys were doing well.


Turkeys? In downtown Oakland? Sure. IMG_3611

Warm Breakfast, Sleeping Roses, Turkeys, and a Ride

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