Hanging with Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson is one of Bama's favorite people. She can say part of his name and if I mention Cindy Lou Who, she asks about him (and vice versa). We've seen a bit of him over the last few weeks, more than usual, lucky us!

After a busy morning at the park, Zachary's. Do you think the girl is done?


Mr. Wilon's take on the table top nap is less sleepy and more silly. 


Ride-sharing (also known as testing Aunty Jenny's AWESOME new/old Phil & Ted's)


Ahoy! Pirates at 10 clicks!


Blueberry fiends. It was like squirrels running over me.


Can you see Bama's big smile as she watches and listens to Mr. Wilson's quail eep-eep as he points to the blueberries?


Zzzz. Our mamas drove us to San Jose for a big clothing sale and it was a lot of work. 

DashandJ zzzz

Hanging with Mr. Wilson

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