Zoo Day

We've been to the San Francisco Zoo a couple of times. You'd think we'd remember the camera.

The first time we went, she and Mister visited the giraffes. It took her a minute to realize the tall thing wasn't a tree. When she did, she Ooh'd and Aah'd.

This last weekend, we went with Aunty Amy and the Future Senator. We saw a grizzly taking a bath, the lions taking a nap, we fed sheep and goats at the little farm. 

Although she was starving (no food on the train), the peacock grabbed Bama's. These birds are all over the zoo. This one hung out by the train. As we pulled away, it was facing our direction, a squirrel standing at attention as though they were saying good-bye.


Happy Travels!


Squirrel! Ground! Wind! Fun! (A. and Bama never turned their heads forward.)


Bears! Bears! Wind! Turtle! Water! Bears! Choo! Choo!


Zoo Day

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