Saturday after the zoo. Me, so tired. A little sad as Mister and I prepare for a live round of IVF. What else? I'd had several nights of broken sleep and heavy Bama-duty as Mister's back was giving him trouble.

Mister took Bama out for a late afternoon walk so that I could have a little late afternoon quiet time. And the time stretched on. I sent a text — where you at? Out walking, came the reply. I tidied the kitchen, thought about dinner (hoping they'd bring home hamburgers).

In they came, with …



Beautiful. They've opened nicely. 


And sushi. Mister thought I should have some now since we might be pregnant next month. Ever the optimist (one of us needs to be).


Trying Mama's handroll.


And liking it.


More, please!


*The sushi is from Uzen. Oh, how we like that place and its owner. Fresh, beautiful fish.


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