There’s a Fork in My Eye

It seems everything is on track with our IVF plan. Yesterday, we decreased one of our drugs (lupron) and started on HCG and Follistim. They all have lovely side effects. Lupron and follistim both list headaches. Oh, is that why I feel like I've been clocked with a softball on my left temple? Oy. My eye has been throbbing the better part of the day.

Speaking of eyes, Bama had tear duct surgery on Thursday. If I had room on any computer in the house, I'd download the before pictures to show what we were doing away with. Her eyes were goopy about 99 percent of the time, though a very nice woman at Berkeley Bowl said an herbal mix her midwife recommended would prevent surgery.

Um, no. She had a membrane stretched over each duct. The doctor literally pierced the membrane to clear the ducts. Her eyes cleared up immediately. She looks brighter than ever.

When she and I did the pre-op at Children's Hospital Oakland (such an incredible facility), the specialist brought out a doctor's play kit. We used the play stethoscope, thermometer, and whatever the thing is that shines a light in your eyes and ears. Then he brought out a mask like the one they'd use for putting her under. We all put it on to expose her to it and lessen the impact when we went in for surgery. On the day of surgery, she was given a mild sedative to help keep her calm before they gave her the anesthesia. It undoubtedly helped, but I think it also helped to tell her that the mask was what we'd played with when we visited the hospital before. (The specialist suggested all parents have a doctor's kit and use it the morning/just before a visit to remind kids of the tools that would be used and make them less scary.)

It is awful to watch your baby be drugged. She seemed smaller than she is. Her eyes widened as she fought the mask and all of us hovering over her. Then, she slipped away. I am sure I was not reassuring to the other parents waiting their turn in the front room since I was full of tears.

She was unsettled when she came out of the anesthesia and needed lots of cuddles and cooing. She kept holding up the hand with the IV tube and board (the board is taped to the baby's hand to keep them from moving around and pulling out the IV) as though it was an indignity. She showed the nurse, me, Mister, then the other nurse, the other nurse, oh, that nurse. What? None of you will remove it? She wasn't angry, she didn't cry or fight about it, but she let us know she was done with it.

By late morning, our surgery was at 8:30, she was recovered and moving around albeit wobbly. A full lunch, a three hour nap, and done.

Now she has a runny nose. Poor t'ing.

There’s a Fork in My Eye

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