After three weeks of three shots nightly, administered in three spots (belly, thigh) with one quadrant off per night, my belly was swollen and tender. Not what I remember experiencing the first time. For the curious, when you go through the shots, you visit the fertility doctor several times to monitor the growth of follicles. A follicle releases an egg during ovulation. Oh, if only my Christian sex class had covered this! The initial ultrasound, the magic wand of fun, showed everything at rest post-birth control pills.

But once the injections start, things start to happen. Multiple follicles pop up, though at each of my three subsequent ultrasounds, there was a lot of poking around, looking for one of my ovaries which was hiding, usually the right ovary. By last week, when I was bloated and tender, pushing the ovaries into place for viewing was immensely painful. I don't suggest it as a regular past-time.

We had two ultrasounds this week which revealed 12 or so follicles. When we did our first IVF (Bama 1.0), we had seven but ultimately had 13 eggs. Today, the doctor extracted 17 eggs. This doesn't mean 17 babies or even 17 embryos, but it's a good starting point. We'll find out how many fertilized tomorrow, then we wait a few more days before having a transfer date.

While we were having fun — IV, anesthesia, extraction — Bama spent the morning with Mr. Wilson and Aunty Jenny. Those two are like a little old married couple sometimes.


I love that Bama looks so pleased and focused while reading upside down. Atta girl!

Embryo update: We had 17 eggs. Of those, by day three, five are Grade 1, seven are Grade 2, the rest are Grade 3. Everyone likes Grades 1 and 2 best for successful transfers. On that note, I have to put on my VivelleDot patch and pop in another prometrium.


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