Indoor Playspaces

Mister and I are pretty sure that the playspace in our neighborhood is a festering petri dish of baby disease.
Bama's come home with something, I've come home annoyed almost every time we've gone. Here's the deal, when you go to a park, or a playspace, or the museum, other people are not your child's minders. You are the minder!

Because of this experience, I had been avoiding Habitot in Berkeley. I'd heard it was crazy, busy, crowded.


But it's also a ton of fun. We met up with friends from out of town for a late morning trip to Habitot. Wow. Bama played at the water table for what seemed like forever. They can wash babies, blow bubbles, pour water, get wet. It's awesome.

She took her role as chief firefighter very seriously. She kept the buttons going, but not too much.

Indoor Playspaces

One thought on “Indoor Playspaces

  1. Go to the Children’s Museum in Sausalito, if you haven’t already. It’s crazy awesome. She’ll have a blast. Make sure it’s a nice day since there is lots of outdoor stuff to do and the setting is incredible (views of the bridge).


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