Dinky Doos

We are now of car-driving age and size. Sometimes Bama pushes and Cindy Lou Who drives, sometimes it's the other way around. Tia B zoomed the girls around the floor for a bit before I caught them. Cindy Lou Who's feet are a blur — she's about to leap from the truck and get to work.

A few days later, Cindy Lou Who spent the morning with Bama and me. She cracks me up. Aunty Jenny likes to say that she's already a teenager: fiercely independent, quirky, sweet as pie.

We played at the house for a bit, then I packed us up and
we headed for gincrack park. (Oh, to live in an urban area where your park is the home for transients, crackheads, and people who can't find a toilet.)

We took a brief snack break before heading back to our regularly scheduled play.


Seriously, like little old ladies having tea. Anything between my teeth? Have another strawberry dear.


PS: Happy Birthday, Tia B!!

Dinky Doos

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