Sunset on the Hudson

I can't say we've adjusted to the time change. We've been staying up until midnight — all of us. And sleeping until 9:30. Sounds like California time to me.

Our apartment that took weeks of looking (thanks to the office manager and Mister), one marathon day of looking at apartments — nearly a dozen, and Mister's last-ditch look online that same night which turned up the find. We have a garden, light, decent space. We just don't have the actual apartment yet. Our stuff is in storage, we live in NY, sort of.

No, this is not a shot from our place. We're lucky enough to be staying with friends while we wait for our apartment to become available. Mister has had to roll out of bed and get to work. Bama and I headed out to a grocery store (Whole Foods, Union Square) and around. Friday, by way of subway and cab, we made it to the Upper East Side and our CVS doctor's office. Ten vials of blood and urine in a cup later (at another stop) we went in search of a bagel shop. I realize now I was one avenue off. Could it have been not eating all morning, being pregnant, and carrying a 20-month-old on my back for two hours affected my ability to correlate street signs and directions? 

Bama passed out on my back for a couple of hours. Sleeping through our tour of the 50s and our journey on the train back to our apartment. 

Mister and Bama have had some quiet time in the evening, watching boats on the river and people on the street. We used to sit on the stoop in front of our house and look at cars and people. 

Bama was tucked in by 8:30pm. I went out to get my eyebrows done and a pedicure (love the hours in NY). 

Today, she woke up at 4:45. 

Sunset on the Hudson

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