Apartment Hunting

Back in June, Mister, Bama, and I flew out to NY to check out apartments, hoping for something affordable and livable. 

The flight out was memorable only at the end, when Bama howled for what felt like forever during landing. "Did you try a pacifier?" the flight attendant offered. She doesn't take pacifiers. Or bottles. Or unhelpful help. After, she trotted into first class several times. Finally, I apologized for the screams. Robin Williams graciously said, "No problem." I wanted to hug him.


Brunch with Cici at the Viceroy. 


Playing in the statues in the park near the 4th St. station.


swing, swing, swing. Bleecker Playground.


Recovery. Bleecker Playground.


Rest. After a full afternoon of playing with Heidi, the amazing babysitter, Bama crashed out in the stroller. She slept with Heidi, then with us as we strolled uptown to our hotel.


Snack. Bagel, what else?


Out for the evening. We are so New York. No big bag (unless you count my belly), no stilettos, but we're got some black on.

Apartment Hunting

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