Central Park Visit

Our plan to make it down to DC this weekend was shelved — too much going on just yet. Instead, we made it up to Central Park yesterday, in time for swings and some water time in Heckscher Playground, one of more than 20 playgrounds in the park.

I think the trip was a success. Bama got some walking in, which is unusual here. On the streets, kids are mostly (read: always) in strollers. We like to let her walk, which nets some looks and a few grunts of annoyance because she doesn't move at a NY pace. In the park, our girl stretched her legs, found a pile of wood chips to explore, and took everything in.

Juniper Central Park touched up
Juniper cp walk

In the smaller sprinkler set, perfect for a girl Bama's size. Her nose is red from the sand scrape she received after biting it. We don't always wear sandals in the water areas, and when there is sand, it's really better not to. The shoes slide over the stuff, as evidenced by her scraped up nose, lip, and shoulder. The popsicle helped.

Juniper cp 4

A birthday kiss to Uncle Raffi. (See all that sand!)

Juniper cp kisses

Clapping for the Coney Island dance troupe. It was nap time, but the nap wasn't happening. There was too much to see.

Juniper CP dancers

Our day ended at the Chelsea Market, picking up milk at the Ronnybrook Dairy store, some soup from Hale and Hearty Soups (surprisingly good for store bought soup), and a slow walk home. By the time we arrived back at the apartment, Bama, was asleep. Upendra and Sharla gave us a night out. They bathed Bama and read her stories, we had an official date: Toy Story 3 and a slice of Ray's (and a little grease). (Next time we'll hit Joe's or Bleecker St. instead.)


Central Park Visit

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