Fourth of July (a few days late)

Mister remembers watching fireworks on the East River when he was small. I saw the fireworks when I was in college, but living in NY for the summer with my parents. The fireworks moved to the Hudson River last year, and were held on that river again this year.

It's controversial, this fireworks on the river thing. New Yorkers, especially those on the East side, including Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, are pissed. For those of us who don't live in the area and don't get the big deal, the switch meant that Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and anyone who lives on the east side of Manhattan, can't see the fireworks which will be in full view of the west side of town and New Jersey. For years, Macy's, the sponsor, has had two sets of barges on the East River, but cutbacks brought the show down to one set. Last year, to celebrate Henry Hudson's inaugural trip up the river, the fireworks were moved to the Hudson where they stayed this year. 

We lucked out because our friends' view is of … the Hudson. Mister and I sat on the balcony at 9:20, waiting for the show to start.

Private boats poured up the river. The first shot shows the boats lining up. Just north of them is a police break. Blue lights flashing. Above those, and not in this shot, are the commercial ships hosting parties.


Part of the more than 40 minute show. The cars are starting to back up on the Westside Highway.


If you couldn't find a spot on the riverfront, maybe hanging out in the road and looking north will do just fine.


When the smiley faces went up, so did the cheers and hoots. Even the most jaded loves stuff like this.


Mister, in the cluster at the left and in white shirt, heading across the street about five minutes before the end of the fireworks to get us soft serve. He's the man!


Nearing the end. Now look at the traffic. Happy Fourth!



Fourth of July (a few days late)

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