Mister has strong, fond memories of the Museum of Natural History from when he was a child. We're hoping that Bama will have similar memories of time she spends there. Based on our day today, I think she will.

After our long journey to the museum (see below), we took the elevator to the fourth floor to look at the dinosaurs. I didn't even know she knew the word dinosaur, let alone could identify one, or say it!

Dinosaurs! She yelled, staring the T-Rex in the teeth.


But let's not forget the fun of stairs. This set leads to the glass floor over the brontosaurus bones. 


Taking a break on a humorous that is bigger than Bama.


Look, we've only been here a couple of weeks. It's going to take a bit of doing to get used to the subways (like, don't space out and skip the Union Square transfer point) and the streets (seriously, twice I've overshot the restaurants!). 

I wanted to go to the museum yesterday because we were due for some major rain. Sure, we could stay inside, but the only toys we've got are a starter box of Duplos, her Nina Ballerina dress up doll, and her crayons and stickers. She's been playing with these things, except the Duplos, which I bought two days ago, since the flight. Read: No indoor toys. Read again: Stir crazy baby.

But we got a late start. We weren't out of the house until 10:39am and still had to walk the half mile the subway to wait for a 40 minute subway ride. We went to the park instead. 

Today, though, I planned. Lunch and snacks were packed, everything was ready, we were out the door at 9:15. Just in time for a major downpour. I opted to cab it to the subway. Tossed in the bags, then started to climb in. That's when I smacked Bama's head on the cab roof — she was on my back. (It was traumatic for both of us but not fatal.) We headed off, got to the subway, and hopped on an E. Wrong train. At Lexington (on the east side), we got out, caught a Downtown E back two stops to catch an Uptown D for one stop where we transferred to the Uptown C.


The return was a piece of cake, by the way. One train, straight shot. 




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