Brooklyn Bridge Park and the High Line

I'd show you pictures, but Typepad doesn't want to upload anything without crashing. I'll keep trying. In the meantime, imagine a deliriously cute Bama in a stripey bathing suit and pink sunhat. 


Mister, Bama, and I journeyed to Brooklyn Bridge Park (Pier 6) and
the new water park. It's pretty fantastic, if not chaotic. Three levels,
including a creek that wraps around half of it, from top to bottom. Sprayers,
pools of water, pumps, this doo-hickey by Bama's feet spins water up to a
cistern that spills into others below it. Physics of water. I love it.


Cooling off. She's become fearless around water. Dunks her head,
dips and pours water, sticks her head straight into the sprinklers. We have to
get this girl a couple more suits because we're in water, somewhere in
Manhattan, twice a day. We also need swimming lessons. Go fish!


See that bucket? It's part of her bucket set. Where is it now?
Gone. Where's the big bucket? Gone. Merde.


Mini-bouldering. The rocks are really slippery, so even though
Bama has practice in a real creek (Temescal), these were treacherous for some
of the kids. We saw more than one mighty bonk in this creek.

The only things missing from this park are: a composter (but there
are actual recycling bins! Go Brooklyn!), bathrooms (really), concessions
(Italian ice isn't going to cut it), and shade. SHADE. In a couple of years the
beautiful trees around the park will provide some shade, but not today.

Afterwards, we wandered through whatever part of Brooklyn we were
in. Near the courthouse. I should look that up.

Bama slept until we hit Starbucks for something cold before the
subway back to Manhattan. It was just enough of a nap to regenerate her. We


High Line
transformed an out-of-use railroad into a quite usable,
lovely, and interesting park. One of the aspects I especially like is that the
landscaping changes with the features of the existing structure. In the picture
below, it literally grows out of the High Line. In other places, grasses and
trees grow in and around train tracks.

In the shot above, we were at the top of the High Line, having
just come through a sort of tunnel; there are many buildings that were built
over the railroad. Benches and tanning beds line the park for New York's
sun-worshippers (seriously, did these people miss the memo?).





Brooklyn Bridge Park and the High Line

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge Park and the High Line

  1. It was nice to meet you and get a sense of the not-quite-2 girl. I have the sense that reading your blog is going to make me feel nostalgic for a New York I have not actually ever known.
    (I had a good time in Prospect Park on Sunday, which does have lots of shade trees. Last week it also had people with a “dance for cupcakes” sign – you dance, you get a cupcake. It seemed to be a big hit with the under 5 set.)


  2. We’re thinking about doing a pie contest in September. Mmm. Pie.
    It was great to meet you. Hopefully we’ll meet up again (and then we can both wax prosaic about New York).


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