A Little More from the Tent

Okay, so only a few of these are really from the tent. I'd show you the river, but I forgot my camera in New York and only brought my iPhone. Yeah, not taking my iPhone 4 near water when I have a sketchy track record of dropping my phones onto hard places (though not, as of yet, into moving water).

The day we arrived, Bama's cousins A & B whisked her away to the beach. Bless those girls, they slathered her with sunscreen before popping on a swim diaper and suit. Two hours later, I made my way down. Or was it three? A long time to let my girl go near water without mama. Full trust that they'd keep her safe, which they did.

I'm not sure which aspects of camp she loved best. When we were at the river, it was the river and the rocks and the sand.

When we were in camp, she spent hours in the craft area.

But, she also liked having her mug of water while Mama had her mug of coffee (tea, really, but everything off limits to Bama is coffee).


She spent a lot of time peeking at people.



Was greatly satisified when given some swing time.


Camp hair.



Checking out my headlamp.


Next year, it'll be Bama, me, the baby, and Papa (fingers crossed). She'll be 30 months. Oh my, what will she be up to then?

A Little More from the Tent

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