Learning to Put on Shoes

At Upe and Sharla's, we settled into the habit of taking shoes off. I did it before, but it was easier for all of us because of the bench conveniently located by the door. It meant easy access for Bama to a cadre of shoes, including Sharla's.
Sharla. Bama falls in love deeply and has several favorite friends, including Sharla. In the morning, we'd be up having first breakfast, and Bama would ask about Sharla, then demand Sharla in her most imperious tone: "Sharla! Sharla! Sharla!" The two of them would later have second breakfast — Sharla's. Cereal at the table, Bama on Sharla's lap. It usually took two bowls.
It was no surprise that Bama gravitated towards Sharla's shoes, struggling to put them on and walk around the house. Eventually, she started in on her own shoes.


Oh, to watch your child learning something like putting on shoes. She loved it and it pissed her off. No help, Mama, she'd say, rolling over with a shoe in hand. Sometimes they went on backwards, often they went on the wrong foot, in several cases there were tears.
But don't help that kid. Back off!
Within a couple of weeks, she could put on anyone's shoes, including her own, easily. She gets them on the right feet, and can do most of the straps herself. Cool.

Learning to Put on Shoes

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