A Very Full Day

I feel a sense of deja vu with this post, but I'm going to go ahead with it. Maybe I tweeted? Egads.


A couple of weekends ago, we hit two regular street fairs, the Hester Street Fair on Saturday and the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on Sunday.

The Hester Street Fair, down in the Lower East Side, is a perfect size market for us. It is next to a great park with several kids' playgrounds, none of which we visited since we were really there for the fair. Mister got a cup of freshly ground, per pour coffee from Kickstand Coffee which continues the jackass NY coffee tradition of no decaf. "It's too complicated," one of the guys said as he hand-ground Mister's portion. Um, yeah. Too difficult to pour a little pile of decaf beans into that grinder? [This anti-decaf thing is everywhere except at Caffeteria in SoHo which serves Blue Bottle coffee just like you can get in Oakland except you can get it waaaay faster thanks to the reasonable line of none. What do these people think will happen if they store or *gasp* brew a cup or shot of decaf? That their NY cool will fall off?]


There's nothing WOO about wink & flip except their prices and easy pickin's for necklaces. I picked up a long chain for $20 and am very happy with it. A new accessory! Huzzah! We needed something to eat so I got a crab roll from Luke's Lobster (it took a few minutes as the two guys taking orders were busy chatting and looking everywhere but at me). I think it's Jonah crab from Maine. The meat was sweet and reminded me a bit of Dungeness, and the roll had just enough buttery-ness to it to be delicious without being unctuous. Mister bought a pretty good chicken empanada from La Sonrisa and some very good ice cream from Guerilla Ice Cream. He and Bama shared the Libertacao — 72% chocolate and port wine topped with frozen creme brulee and cashews (he got it without the toppings).

Most of the vendors are using local resources and doing something to give back to their communities. Guerilla, says it uses its profits to support marginalized groups in New York and elsewhere. I'm not totally sure what that entails, but it sounds good. Also cool about Hester Street? It includes a mister tent for a quick refresh and has compost and recycling bins around. Compost is hard to find in NY. There's no composting from homes, though you can store yours and take it to the Green Markets like the one on Saturday's in Union Square. I know. No composting? I haven't looked into the why nots, but it may have to do with rats. Because New York is the only city in America to have rats.

On Sunday we took the subway to Hell's Kitchen to wander the flea market and see which street trucks were there.

Yum. Rickshaw Dumpling Truck. Pricey but quite good and super nice people staffing the truck on a very hot day.



The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is in San Francisco this weekend for SF Food Fest. These trucks are part of the very popular street food flotilla in the city. When we got to the flea market, the line was short, but we weren't quite ready for ice cream. By the time we were, the line was too long for our hot and tired girl.


Instead, we went south about a mile to the Chelsea Waterside park on the Hudson River. There are three different water areas as well as a ton of things to climb — it'll be a great park in the fall and spring, too. Bama spent a lot of time with her head under a spout, moving sand around, and splashing in the small pond (made deeper by a dad blocking the drain — that's under the sign that reads, "Do not block drain," with a raggedy T-shirt). When we finally headed for home, it was late. Bama slept in the stroller, we didn't do much to prep for dinner … so …



we went to Bubby's Pie Co. for a crazy-expensive dinner that was delicious and a lot of fun. Tons of kids. Stroller parking outside. Fried chicken for me, thanks. So good despite a touch too much salt. Lovely and not greasy at all fried green tomatoes (sense a theme?) and refreshing gazpacho. Mister had a steak he says was "fine and overpriced." I think Bama was happy with her chicken fingers and peas. What do you think?


If you want to see how much traveling we did that day, plot on google maps: Hell's Kitchen, W.24th/Chelsea, and Tribeca. All on foot. Booyah.


A Very Full Day

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